Finnskogen Natur Kultur Helse Gård (Finnskogen Nature Culture Health Farm) is situated high and free in the heart of the mysterious Finnskogen. The nature, the forest, the soil, the plants, the animals, the river, and the rich story work hand in hand to create a unique frame around the activities on the farm.

- We are under development. Our idea is to run a farm with offers in workdays, weekend offers and the possibility of longer stays for people who want to get close to nature, says Merete Furuberg. She runs the Finnskogen Natur Kultur Helse Gård together with Nina Wiger, Terezia Uhereková, Stanislav Uherek and Per Myhra. The farm's advisers are Gunnar Tellnes and Merete Larsmon.

Guests have many activities they can choose from: Riding, fishing, kayaking, canoeing or rowing boats, taking care of the animals on the farm, walking in the forest or cultivating their own vegetables. "We will help you with land area if you want to become a part of Finnskogen Andelslandbruk. Otherwise, it is possible to buy some of the farm's many products, says Merete Furuberg. Among all the activities the farm offers, the horses are very popular with the guests. "Interaction between horse and a human can bring forth feelings, self-awareness and communication that are hardly available in other ways," said Nina Wiger. She has a long experience as an instructor and gladly teaches on the farm's own riding track.


NaKuHel in depth.

NaKuHel = Nature-Culture-Health. The NaKuHel concept is about creating common meeting places and activities for overall comprehension and creativity within the interaction Nature-Culture-Health where public agencies, industries, voluntary organizations, enthusiasts and others, collaborate to reach common goals.
The main purpose of NaKuHel is to promote health, environment and quality of life for all!

Nature. Culture. Health. Farm.

1. Nature.
We give you the ability to take a horseback ride, rent a kayak or rowboat, fish or go on a guided tour.
2. Culture.
Guiding and lectures on forestry history and culture by Merete Furuberg.
3. Health.
Our farm offers recreation. Our vision: "With love for the earth, the forest and the culture we will together find recognition and power."
4. Animals.
We have sheep, Angola goats, dairy goats, horses, hens, pigs and cats. You can arrange a ride on one of our horses with an appointment.