Finnskogen Nature Culture Helse Gård offers recreation. Our vision: “With love for the earth, the forest and the culture we will together find recognition and power.”

We want to be an offer for people seeking a place they can find strength. At Finnskogen Nature Culture Health Farm you can stay for a shorter or longer period. You can choose whether you want to take part in the farm work or spend the time to experience the nature around the farm on your own. For those who want an active stay, we offer canoeing, long walks in the woods or you can participate in “good old-fashioned farm work”. We cater for both single guests and groups.



We have four bedrooms with double beds in each room and one bedroom with single bed.


Guiding and lectures on forestry history and culture by Merete Furuberg.

Rent of kayak and rowboat.

You can rent kayaks and rowboats if this is desired.

Percentage of Agriculture

Want a patch of soil to grow your own vegetables? We can help you to find a place.

Our Rooms

Rooms for rent.